When a Bush Full of Cherries (Cherries grow on Trees Dumb ass!!) Isn’t enough!!

Though I RARELY try to push apps, or advertise them, since I do NOT get paid by any of them, occasionally one or two come along that I just cannot HELP but to mention.  So, with that being said, here are two apps that I CANNOT live without.

For those of you out there that use more than one email address (which there are MANY of us, and in my case, over 14 addresses….) this app not only handles them AMAZINGLY WELL, it also allows you to have complete control as to how you deal with said multiple accounts, and setup is a snap!!  It’s called CloudMagic (NOT CloudMail….), and it even stores your final configuration, so if you have to switch phones, or want to use it on a tablet, all you need to do is enter your cloud mail account info and Voila……all your email accounts pop right up!  –



The second app that I Absolutely cannot live without, is something called Centrallo, which is still in Beta stage, but looks to be one of the most promising and complete CRM (Customer Relations Database) and task manager/scheduler I have ever cone across.  As it is still in Beta, any input is honestly listened to, and we all have a say as to what needs to be added, changed, etc.  Its an app I have been DYING for for a LONG time, but NO ONE ever got it right, or complete, or functional enough.  So, if you want to be a part of polishing off what very well could be THE best management tool built for Android (and help me earn extra storage space….;), head over here for your copy!!! 



That’s it for now, but likely not for the day.  I just need o get out and take down some Smurf Portals in Ingress (If you don’t know about Ingress, then you don’t know about Augmented Reality……..and I’m just too damned stubborn to start explaining hat right now.  Especially since I have my eyes set on Global Domination right now…MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.  ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!! 



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While whittling away nada

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?  I’m not sure either, but I will let you know when my wife is finished arguing with herself….

Why do men have nipples?

What is the purpose of a fly on women’s underwear (like men’s….)

Why is it that whenever you put something important in a place you specifically state “I’m good to put this here so I don’t forget it!!!”, you ALWAYS forget it????

Advice of the day:  When all you have left to mix with is Orange Tang…….just drink the damn Rye straight!!!

Peace out.



Well, is that time of year….. Both Happy AND Sad. NFL has started, Officially…… HAPPY!!!!! That also, unfortunately, means that Summer, or what we had of it this year up in the Great White North called Toronto. We actually didn’t even really break 30°C (or 90° for you Yanks… ) until the first week of September!!

So, here is the info tidbit of the day. Do NOT try to start a Charity Organization in Ontario. It is, by far, THE most difficult thing to do in regards with the government. They make it so difficult that most people just give up. I understand (and even appreciate and respect due diligence to ensure that money really goes to charity as intended, unlike Goodwill…. ), however, it needs to be at least do-able. If a person has to work full time at it, and is NOT a Billionaire Philanthropist, then that person needs to be paid…..a REASONABLE salary (not a reductionist one, Goodwill, Junior Diabetes, Sick Kids!!!!!!!).

OK, rant over. Time for the “Insight into Jay’s mind” moment. If that dude from Direct Insurance, The one in the suit of armor walked up to you in a parking lot, would YOU let him out an orange into YOUR bag? I would punch the living CRAP out of him, find a bear, The one who wiped his arse on a rabbit, and have him sit on that dude’s face (after he COULDN’T find a rabbit, that is), then I would back over him with my car (only to see if it was real armor), not to hurt him. I sure as HELL wouldn’t let that weirdo get INTO my car, let alone eat my damn Cheesies, OR give that walking, talking freakshow a ride home!!!! Can you IMAGINE what his kids must be like? I would find out where he lives and call the children’s aid society on that shiny metal fetish mother-@$#!?(.

There now. I feel MUCH better, and ready to start my day. Have a good one all!

Be good to each other.