Honda Indy Toronto – 2014

Happy Tuesday All.

For any Non Canadians viewing, we just had a Long Weekend, Dubbed “May 24 Weekend” (Referring to a 24 pack of Beer :), so Thousands, if not Hundreds of Thousands are at work with Hangovers today!! To all those in this Very Unfortunate position, my heart, and hurting head and body, reach out to you LOL.

As the Header Graphic states, this is one of my plenty to come updates in invites to the Honda Indy Toronto 2014! Some people are aware that I am the Director of Pass Control, which is just a fancy title for doing a LOT of work trying to increase and manage a large group of people who Love Racing, and Love spending ALL THREE days – FREE – 6 Inches from the actual track, and sometimes ON it!! We need a lot of new people to join our team this year, and here are the benefits and requirements:

Honda Indy Toronto Pass Control Benefits
Free – Three day pass, including, depending on your location on the track, Pit Passes.

All Passes allow ALL Access, except for the Pit Area during race times, unless you have been granted a Pit Pass for your station.

All Lunches and Dinners, as well as unlimited Water is provided.

Volunteers will receive 2 Pass Control T-shirts and a Baseball Hat with that years Logos or Sponsors.

ALL ACCESS to the track!!!
This means you can go ANYWHERE, including Paddocks, No Mans Land, etc. You have unfettered access to view the race from ANYWHERE on the course.

Meet Great People, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet a very wide range of people from different backgrounds, cultures, Business connections, and don’t forget, you get to meet the Racers, Team Owners, Team Staff, and Celebrities.

There’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the feeling of watching the IZOD cars driving past you at 300 Km/H, when you are 6 inches away. The Roar of the engines, the flying of rubber, the smell of the high Octane fuel, is, well, indescribable. Once you get on the team and experience your first summer, you will NEVER want to stop going.

Ample Opportunities to “Roam”. Your station assignment (Location on track) requires you to be at said location, however, approximately 4-5 hours a day are yours to break up and explore the Paddocks, the Venues, the Pit Walk-through – Regardless of Pit Pass, The Annex, and all the great food and entertainment.

Many, MANY more benefits, but those are the highlights.

Honda Indy Toronto Pass Control Requirements

You MUST be able to attend ALL THREE days. Exceptions Can be made, but they are isolated incidents, and are frowned upon. We NEED our Volunteers to be at the track for the entire weekend, which, this year, is July 18-20th, 2014. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so Many people will need to take a Holiday or (Cough, Cough) a Sick day, though I do not Personally condone such action *Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge*

The hours of operation change Slightly, from year to year, but generally follow the guidelines of:

Friday – MUST be at the track, in the East Annex where we (BARC) is located, at 6-6:15 am, and usually runs until 6 pm. This is the LONGEST day of the weekend, and the most hectic, as we work on correcting all the minor issues that were overlooked or unforeseen, however that generally does not involve the Volunteers, just Myself and Assistant Director, Andy Kovacs. It just means that you will see us less on that day. Friday Morning arrival is IMPERATIVE, and MUST be there on time, as that’s when you will be informed of any changes this year, Health and Safety overview, which, as you can image, an event like this has MANY, MANY different ways to get injured, however, don’t let that scare you. Other than a few Heat and Sun exposure issues, we have (knock on wood) never had an injury as a result of the races themselves. As long as you are alert and aware of your surroundings, and HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE,, you will be fine. Pass examples, as well as an overview of what you are going to be doing will also be discussed Friday morning. You will Always be assigned and report to the Corner Captain, who has the radio to get in contact with Myself or Andy, and they are experienced, usually LONG term Volunteers (Many 20+ years!), so they will be your first line of support, and will assist you in getting settled, and answer any additional questions you may have. The Radios, are NOT for idle chatter, as I am sure you can understand.

Saturday is usually 6:30 – 7:00 am sign in, again in the East Annex, and usually runs until 5:30-6:00 pm.

Sunday sign in is usually between 7:00 and 7:30 am, and runs until approximately 4:30 pm.

I can personally GUARANTEE that as long as you abide by the VERY few requirements, and stay HYDRATED and safe, you will have an AMAZING, Exhilarating and Absolutely Memorable weekend!!!!

Volunteers MUST be over the age of 18. This is a Legal requirement, and is NOT flexible. My apologies.

Shorts CAN be worn, however you MUST wear you assigned T-Shirts, your Hard Card Pass, and NO OPEN TOED SHOES. The High Octane fuel used by many of the cars, while this RARELY happens, CAN leak out of their “tanks” after a VERY serious accident. This, on fire, is unlike ANY other fire most people have ever seen. As a Gel, it sticks to anything it touches, and burns almost invisibly, and at Incredible Temperatures.

I cannot stress enough, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. If you are not urinating every half an hour, you are NOT drinking enough. The sun reflections off the pavement hits you much more strongly that one would expect. Always wear sunscreen and take any additional precautions you may need. Again, HYDRATE. I know, I sound like a stuck record (that’s a black vinyl disc, approximately 12 inches in diameter, and holds music, playable only by a “Record Player”, for those of you born after, well, around 1983 ;P, however it is the PRIMARY health concerns, and the easiest to manage. Sun exhaustion can come on very quickly, and once a person hits that stage, the first thing that affects you is your short term memory, so you essentially end up forgetting to drink even more, making the escalation of the affliction occur very quickly! Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are nothing to take lightly or underestimate. Other than that, The Weekend is an AMAZING experience, can be used to count as volunteer hours if one needs them, and other than checking passes to ensure that people are either able to enter “No Mans Land”, or other restricted areas, or not. As I previously stated, you will have AMPLE opportunity to take off and explore, see the sights, and just have a Blast. The only requirement is that NO location can be left without a minimum of TWO people, for safety reasons.

So, Anyone who is Interested in Volunteering (other than the regular Volunteers, so essentially New Applicants), can send me an email request to, OR you can enter the information at the bottom of the Blog Entry! Please include the following information:

Telephone Number
Your Personal Email address
Anything Relevant that I may have forgotten here
Any Questions or Concerns you may have.

We are all a Great Bunch of people, there for the thrill and enjoyment of the weekend, and Neither myself, nor Andy run a Micromanaged operation. We are Always available, one of us at least, are VERY open minded and relaxed, and have (or so we’ve been told) Great, if not Warped senses of humour, and welcome everyone to give us your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, or questions, at ANY time. We are a group that’s there to have a Great, Safe AMAZING, and Definitely Memorable weekend, so we all try to get along, and do not run our division strictly. Unless someone has made a SERIOUS breach of etiquette or Common Sense rules (walking on a “Hot” track, and physical confrontations with the fans, and the opportunity does happen from time to time – as the availability of Alcohol is all too readily, and those that over-drink, especially in heat, can quite often get belligerent. In situations such as that, we also work Very closely with the Private Security group that is hired every year, and THEY are PAID to take care of this Regardless of the situation, Let THEM handle it. Drinking alcohol during the day while you are “working” is STRICTLY forbidden and will end in an immediate termination and immediate ejection, your pass will be confiscated, and you will be permanently banned from ever being able to volunteer again. I am not too concerned about this one, as it so VERY rarely happens. Some of the big ones, stem from usually very innocent, but NOT thought through actions of one of my volunteers, such as “sneaking” people without the proper credentials into the Pit area when public access is terminated, hanging out in one of the Drinking tents, pretty much anything that is just common sense. Remember that while you are wearing your shirt and hat, you represent Honda Indy, and BARC, and you will stand out. I have no control to make exceptions to this set of rules, and I have seen just about anything one can think of attempted. Some Hilarious, Some Completely IDIOTIC, but generally start with good intentions that were just not thought out. So all I ask is to just use your head, and think things though.

We need to drastically increase our head count, as the year that there was no Indy, the master database was lost and our headcount dropped form approximately 200 people down to 40-50. We NEED around 150-180 to Properly ensure that all areas are covered, and to insure there are enough people to allow for additional “roaming time”, which we like to give as much as possible.
So……….bring on your friends, associates, that list of people you never wanted to talk to again, but PLEASE, Pass on the word, and lets get us back to where we were, so that ALL can enjoy he weekend as absolutely possible!!!

Remember:, OR Add your information at the bottom of the Post, and One of us will contact you.

People just wanting to purchase tickets, can do so here:

Ticket Sales

I look forward to hearing from you all.