A TRAGIC Farewill to CPL Cirillo, and and Tragic Event for Canada

This is such an Incredibly monumental Pivotal point in Canadian History, and, likely shortly followed by the rest of the “Free – or Democratic” countries in the world, and the VAST majority do not even seem to realize the importance of what happened here. It points out a number of MAJOR flaws in our current system, most of which we have been aware of, but took FAR too lightly, or “brushed them off”

This is such an Incredibly monumental Pivotal point in Canadian History, and, likely shortly followed by the rest of the “Free – or Democratic” countries in the world, and the VAST majority do not even seem to realize the importance of what happened here. It points out a number of MAJOR flaws in our current system, most of which we have been aware of, but took FAR too lightly, or “brushed them off”.

First of all, My most Heartfelt Appreciation, and Condolences to CPL Cirillo’s Loved ones for this Tragic and SENSELESS death. I wish to make this GLARINGLY clear that this is my primary message. This young man, with so much ahead of him in life, with so much to offer, had his life cut short Violently, Tragically, and Unnecessary. He was killed; no, Slaughtered doing something he believed in, as a Canadian, for Canadian rights, beliefs, and freedoms. He was, and believed in, the Canadian system that has been in place for (depending on which province joining the confederation, anywhere from 65 – 150 years. A primarily Christian, Near Democratic society with a tolerance for individual rights, almost to a fault, unlike anywhere else in the world.

For FAR too long now, Canadian Politicians and Law makers, right down to public education systems, have bowed down to removing what were OUR traditions, such as the Lord’s prayer, and the singing of O Canada in school, so that we do no “OFFEND” other cultures. To the point that nearly EVERY other religious holiday, from Diwali, to Ramadan, Eid, the list is endless, and we must OPENLY integrate our children into learning about these other holidays and beliefs, which, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with, as long as WE – CANADIANS – primarily Christian CANADIANS get treated the same way. I, and almost all others I speak to, are SICK AND TIRED of having to recognize all other religious holidays by name, yet we now can not even say Merry Christmas, or even have Christmas Trees, or even MENTION the word Christmas. It is ONLY allowable to say Happy Holidays. This is the ONLY country in the WORLD that would allow such Ludacris, backward ideas. Entertaining – Sorry, Actively allowing the eradication of OUR holidays, histories, and practices to accommodate other races and religions is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Integration is a FANTASTIC thing. Please do not mistake this for a racist or religious rant against ANY specific race or religion. This is about OPEN and FAIR integration.

When we have ACTIVE things such as so called “Honor Killings”, and Sharia Law integration, legal or not, and so many people in positions of power turning a blind eye so often that these things slowly make their way, over generations, into mainstream CANADIAN day to day accepted actions.

Though I am VERY aware that these comments are going to arise great ire in many “strict groups”, it comes back to the old argument of “profiling is NOT profiling, if it is an entire group acting/creating/developing the problem”. If 97% of all murders by gun between the ages of 16 and 25 were committed by White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants, then that group would most CERTAINLY be “PROFILED” as the problem group. The same goes for radical religious actions, such as terrorist organizations and terrorist actions. What is even more terrifying about this event, is that the radicalized and religiously transformed person at fault, just happens to BE a White Canadian or Quebequois…….There are ALWAYS weak, mentally ill, or socially outcast young men/boys and women/girls that can be picked out, and, if promised the right things, and told the right things, made to believe that they can fit in. This does NOT change that these actions, by terrorist organizations, which his video CLEARLY states, is directed by the Muslim Extreme.

Again, do not get me wrong and read more into what I am saying than what I am ACTUALLY saying. I have personally read the Koran, and there is not ONE WORD in the entire holy text, that propagates violence. It is a peaceful, well intended book, with much wisdom, peace, and sensibility behind it. It is VERY similar to our Bible, the New Testament. These “RADICAL” Islamist groups, are taught by their Imams, as they are kept uneducated enough in most cases that they are unable to read at a high enough level, or in some cases, not at all, so they are TOLD what is said in the Koran, and it is these Radical Islāmic Imams that are key players in this group. Most Muslims are NOT RADICALS. They are peaceful, and, generally kind people. It is, after all, the EXACT SAME GOD!!

So, to summarize, Thanks to our “Leaders”, being so afraid to offend any other group, race, religion, or anyone for fear of being labelled, well, anything negative, that the only losing group are “traditional” Canadians (Hopefully you noticed I did not say “Original” Canadians, as that would be the Indians and Inuit, Metis, Eskimo, etc…..) CPL. Cirillo was SHOT TWICE IN THE BACK, by some Mentally Ill Québécois, that was brain washed into converting into a RADICAL ISLAMIST, and ending this INTELLIGENT, CARING, BRAVE, LOVING young man with a bright future, and, outside the small changes that will happen to security around parliament, nothing will be done to drill into these extremist groups that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS SORT OF FALSE AND RIDICULOUS SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT, at the cost of our OWN freedoms and beliefs. A Wonderful young man paid the Ultimate price just Honour guarding the War Memorial, and for that, because he was White, and Canadian, and in Soldiers uniform, though I doubt that would have stopped ANY radical muslim, lost his life.

When will CANADA WAKE UP and realize that the changes have already gone WAY too far, infiltrated FAR too deeply, and are even now, possibly irreversible. As much as I hate to say it, FRANCE ACTUALLY GOT IT RIGHT. Make it AGAINST the law.

Please, PRAY for this young man, His Loved ones, family, his now NON EXISTENT FUTURE, CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, and who KNOWS what he would have gone on to do.

And it all started with the removal of a Simple Christmas tree………

God Help us.

God Speed, CPL Cirillo, God Speed, and Thank you for your service, beliefs, and willing to ignore Canada’s politicians inability to show a backbone, and stand up for what you believed in. You TRULY are a HERO, and I for one, will NEVER forget. You and ALL the OTHER soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for our DYING freedoms. God Bless you all



Global Terrorism, and a new world ideology and Perspective of “What is safe”

The end of days of open Parliament in Canada.

Are we REALLY surprised?  Can there ACTUALLY be any TRUE Canadians out there that are TOTALLY surprised at the outcome of yesterdays killing of our reservist, and, SADLY, one of our own, troubled young men that was subjugated, or CHOSE to be subjugated to the teachings of Radical Islam?

Now, before I get attacked and jumped on for pointing out that this DID, and DOES have something to do with Radical Islam, I am freely pointing out that this was a White, Anglo Saxon Canadian Citizen, that, for whatever reasons, decided to associate and join the radical Islamic frame of mind.  I have read the Koran.  As a person whose life is VERY much oriented around Academia, I TRY to pride myself with traits such as open mindedness, perpetual, and non biased life long learning, growing, and gaining compassion for all our fellow humans,  We all have had different experiences growing up, leading to drastically different opinions.  What has traditionally made Canada a wonderful place to live in, is that we have been able to be tolerant of our differences, and, even, at times, relishing the challenge of understanding said differences.  We have NOT been a culture of turning to violence, traditionally, to be able to accept, and allow such differences.

What happened on October 22, 2014, and earlier last week in Montreal, changes the face of terrorism, and mindsets of ALL true Canadians, with the final and Full outcomes and changes yet to be comprehended, though we all know it WILL become drastic and country wide altering.

This, although horrific, should NOT be an overly large surprise to forward thinking pundits.  Evidence of the beginnings of change of this level have been showing their ugly heads of possibilities and probabilities for years now; It’s only been a matter of time.  What we choose to do about it, and how we let this change us as a people, and a nation, is the ultimate questions, and the true test of our strengths, and our history, and ability to stand together, as a country, not as secular and individual groups, but as a strong and united county of brothers and sisters.

God Bless all those who have fought, continue to fight, and, hopefully, plan to keep that tradition alive with the up and comers in this line of MOST honourable careers.

I for one, will not be intimidated, or taken down on my own land, in my own country, nor allow my neighbor, brother, sister, Mother, Father, or Child be either, and will do everything I can, even at the cost of my own life, defending what I believe OUR Canada stands for, and fights for.  The freedom of ALL.

My Off the wall, eclectic sense of humour and irony will resume in my next post.

Until then, be safe, be strong, be free.  Be PROUD to be CANADIAN – NEVER AFRAID.