Introduction – May 17, 2014

First off, please excuse my Brevity, or lack thereof, depending on the topic, my schedule, my mood and the alignment of the stars, as well as what has been purchased from the Acme Company™ on the specific day in question.

This blog shall contain some innocuous and generally inoffensive (depending on perception) ramblings, current projects, general announcements about both of my companies, (though specific information about either company will be posted on the company’s blog,) and information I find worthy of repeating, or necessary for reasons either known or unknown, and yof Human or Alien origin (I’m not responsible for random Blog Hijackings by oily skinned, pimpled and usually obese teenagers cloaked in darkness and eating Pogo’s® in their parents basement believing such things are funny…)

I cannot promise it will always be, insightful or entertaining, only that it will be to myself (see regulations of the usage of the term IMHO…)

So sit back, grab a “cuppa”, and try to enjoy, as my goal is to humour, excite and entertain all.  Again, in my humble opinion.

Welcome my Friends, Welcome, to the Machine°


°Copywrite 1975,  Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.  Lyrics from “Welcome to the Machine”, from their album “Wish you were Here”